A Picture of Florida Man March 23

Florida Man March 23

APOPKA (Florida). A Florida man has been accused of child sexual abuse. Officials say he paid Uber more than $800 to transport a teenage girl from Texas to Apopka.

Police say, Richard Brown, 25, raped a 17 years old girl at his home for several days. After Brown told the victim he was a 19 years old Instagram celebrity, he said he would “take care” of her. The victim later told Apopka police that Brown had paid Uber to take her out of San Antonio. Texas, Baton Rouge, and Louisiana. She took an Uber from Louisiana and was dropped off at Apopka, Louisiana on Sunday.

Brown will later show receipts from police proving that the cost for the second leg was more than $800.

According to arrest papers, Brown claimed that he was only a friend to the victim. He also believed she had reached adulthood and needed housing.

One neighbor couldn’t believe the allegations.

Amanda Trail said, “You might not know about it. And now the cops have arrived.” It’s insane for parents.

According to the victim, Brown told her that Brown was younger than she thought and that she wasn’t “known on Instagram” when she did so, she decided she wanted to return home. Brown then said to her, “No, I owe you now for bringing me here.”

Later, she told officials she had fled Wednesday night after Brown fell asleep. She also said that Brown was using Snapchat to communicate with her mother. She was found near Ustler Nature Reserve and Wekiva Nature Reserve. Police said that they were unable to identify the victim’s house or his name on social media.

Brown’s attorney refuted the story, citing “several contradictions.”

Brown is facing six criminal charges for child sexual abuse

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