A Picture of Florida Man March 21

Florida Man March 21

VERO BEACH (Florida). According to CBS, a fishing dispute is making waves on the internet. A man claimed that a Vero Beach woman had sprayed him with water and told him that he could not fish near her house. 12 News.

Jose Ortiz is from New Jersey, but he lives in Melbourne. He said that he fishes along the A1A state highway, south of Sebastian’s Bay. He has never had any problems.

He claimed he was on public land last week when Joyce Khatibi (a nearby landlady) started shouting at him.

Khatibi stated to WPEC-TV Ortiz had entered through multiple holdings and fished from shore.

Ortiz asks Khatibi in the video if she owns all the water at the Pier. She answered yes. She said yes.

Then, she grabbed her hose and began pouring water onto Ortiz. However, she denies that she actually did so.

After reviewing online property records, the Indian River County deputy sheriff was called to the scene.

WPEC-TV reported Khatibi’s property line was not sinking, unlike its neighbors.

Ortiz stated that he will file a complaint against Khatibi.

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