A Picture of Florida Man March 17

Florida Man March 17

Rundle replied to the story after it was posted.

Darren Rainey (a schizophrenic serving time for possessing cocaine) was thrown into a Dade Correctional Facility prison shower on June 23, 2012. The water has been heated to 180 degrees, hot enough for ramen noodles or tea brewing.

Four correctional officers, Cornelius Thompson and Ronald Clark kept Rainey in the shower two hours as punishment. Rainey shouted, “Please take my place!” Rainey screamed, “Please take me away!” Rainey was laughed at by the guards who shouted, “Is it hot enough?” Rainey was found dead in the shower. They found Rainey crumpled on a floor. The nurses discovered that his body had been removed and that 90 percent of the burns were still visible. His body temperature was too high for a thermometer to measure, so his skin fell off.

On Friday, however, Catherine Fernandez Rundle of Miami-Dade State Attorney announced in an unscientific ruling that the four security guards who supervised what was equated to the Middle Ages would not face criminal charges.

The report states that the shower was not dangerous or unsafe. “The evidence doesn’t show that Rainey was deliberately ignored by correctional staff.”

Rundle’s office made public the findings of its investigation in a Friday afternoon roundup. This is a common method used by government officials to hide unflattering information or news. Rundle’s office would love to see this case disappear by the weekend, but the facts of the matter are so horrible that it should haunt them forever.

Rundle was appointed chief prosecutor of Miami-Dade in the 1990s when Janet Reno left for the Bill Clinton administration. Rundle has been the state attorney ever since. Rundle has not been charged with any Miami police officer for shooting on duty during this period.

It is important that Rundle only had to accuse prison guards of a crime in order to prove that she was partial. The jury should determine the guilt. Rundle didn’t believe there was sufficient evidence to bring a criminal case, despite the fact that the man died in a shower and that several witnesses claimed they saw burns and heard screams.

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