A Picture of Florida Man March 14

Florida Man March 14

Milton’s man was arrested Tuesday morning after allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the face using a bag of tortilla chips. The woman had told Milton that her unborn child might not be his.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Rusty Beatty (30) is also accused of pushing his girlfriend’s child and beating her.

On Tuesday morning, MPs responded to a mess in Milton’s Pinto Avenue house. It was reported that Beatty and his girlfriend, a pregnant woman, had been at odds.

The woman claimed that Beatty had hit her three times with a bag full of tortilla chips. He then shoved the daughter of the woman against the wall and punched her in her face. When Beatty was asked, he said that he was hit in the face by a box fan and attacked by everyone in his house.

MPs claim that they saw a few scratches on Beatty’s skin, but nothing that would indicate that he had been beaten with a box fan.

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