A Picture of Florida Man March 13

Florida Man March 13

NAPLES, Florida. On Tuesday night in a park in Naples, a drunk shirtless man yelled at adults and children.

At around 7:38 pm, the MP went to Coconut Circle District Park at 4065 Guava Drive to assess the situation.

People leaving the park who were harassed pointed to the shirtless suspect, Jerry Allen Moffit, a homeless man with a swastika on his stomach, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s arrest report. They said Moffit shouted racist insults at teenage girls and threatened to kill people. Moffit told the MP that he yelled at his parents because he disagreed with the way they were raising their children. The deputy said that the man spoke words indistinctly and smelled of alcohol.

When the MP asked if he drank, Moffit said he drank two or three beers. There was a 32-ounce Olde English 800 open malt liqueur lying next to it on the bench, according to the report.
He admitted that it was his, and had previously been arrested for having an open container of alcohol. CCSO website records indicate that Moffit was last arrested in October 2018 for illegal entry

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