A Picture of Florida Man March 11

Florida Man March 11

CHARLOTTE (Florida). A 21-year-old male was caught trying to conceal nearly a pound of marijuana in his pants, during a traffic stop.

Charlotte County MPs reported that Trevor Coday, Port Charlotte, was stopped by police on Thursday following the installation of a stoplight at Toledo Blade Boulevard and Tyrgard Street.

During a traffic stop, the deputy detected the smell of marijuana coming out of the car and found a one-pound bag in Kodey’s pants. According to the MPs, he stood outside the car to prevent him from falling to his death.

A loaded gun, marijuana wax, as well as prescription drugs on Koday, were also discovered. As evidence, the gun was taken. The weapon was not in legal possession. Coday was charged with several recommended drug offenses. He has since placed a $ 12,500 bond.

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