A Picture of Florida Man June 9

Florida Man June 9

OKEECHOBEE (Florida) – A wild monkey attacked an apartment in Florida. This was captured on video.

A pet monkey ran away from its owner’s truck and attacked an employee at a store in Okeechobee (Florida).

According to authorities, Spanky, a tamed spider monkey called Spanky was found in the car around 2:00 PM. According to Sheriff officials, Tina Ballard entered the store Monday morning.

The report states that Marilyn Howard, a 50-year-old employee, was on leave when Marilyn heard her coworkers shout that the monkey was free.

The monkey was able to climb onto Howard’s back after the staff member grasped her leash. Howard got scared when Howard opened the sliding glass door at the front of the store.

Howard declined immediate medical attention but stated that she would be examined at the hospital.

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