A Picture of Florida Man June 7

Florida Man June 7

OCOEE, FL (AP) – An alligator roaming an area of ​​central Florida banged the hunter’s head, knocking him out in a final attempt to escape.

The incident, captured on video released by the TV channel on Tuesday, sparked serious unrest on a residential street in Ocoee, near Orlando.
The video shown by WKMG-TV shows a Florida fish and wildlife fighter inserting an 8-foot (2-meter) alligator into the back of a truck. The vicious bound alligator hit the trapper and hit him with his head. The trapper fell to the ground as the police and another hunter tried to return the alligator to the truck. The video was first posted to YouTube on May 25. Neighbors say the alligator strolled through the yards before the trappers arrived. Nothing is known about the state of the trapper.

The alligator was eventually taken away.

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