A Picture of Florida Man June 6

Florida Man June 6

PINELLAS PARK (Florida) – A Florida man was charged with an offense of allegedly pouring ketchup onto his girlfriend as she slept.

According to court documents, Peter Wagman faces a first-degree administrative misdemeanor in connection with the incident on Sunday. According to Wagman’s arrest report, Wagman’s 11-year old girlfriend said that Wagman was pouring water on her bed in the middle of the night. She poured ketchup on Wagman and made curses at him.

Heather King claimed that she and her husband argued about her infidelity before she went to sleep. According to the report, it was covered with ketchup. Wagman denies the allegations. However, the report states that he did wear ketchup on the pants. Court records indicate that Wagman has pleaded not guilty.

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