A Picture of Florida Man June 5

Florida Man June 5

Deputies in Florida arrested a man on Wednesday for swinging a pickax at an individual after the pair got into a fight following a bout with meth.

Daniel Brown (47), was using methamphetamine in a Daytona Beach-area residence when he got into an argument with Dylan Everett (26) at 4:30 on Tuesday. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the two men were smoking methamphetamine together. Volusia County deputies stated that Brown grabbed Everett’s cellphone and picked up a pickax, before swinging it at Everett’s head.

Everett countered with his right hand. Brown accused Everett of “taking things from his home and breaking a window,” according to the deputies.

A meth lab was found with three plastic bottles that were converted into one pot labs, lighter fluid, lithium batteries, Sudafed packets, and Pyrex dishes. It was also discovered in a duffel in a shed at the property.

Everett sustained injuries to his leg and arm. He was then taken to the hospital.

Brown was charged with attempted murder, manufacture/delivery of methamphetamines, and trafficking in methamphetamine.

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