A Picture of Florida Man June 30

Florida Man June 30

MARATHON (Florida). In the Florida Keys, pirates were once quite common. A man dressed up as a burglar from the distant caused quite a stir Monday night.

Reacting to the shots on the Seven-Mile Bridge, the MPs arrested a man wearing a “full pirate costume” with two knives and active pistols.

The dispatcher was called at 20:20 and was informed that the pirate was shooting a gun on the bridge.

The Monroe County deputy sheriff, Jamie Don Spering, was 58 years old and claimed he was an entertainer.

Spring stated to the MP that he was at sunset on the bridge with his friends and had fired both of his black powder pistols.

He claimed that there was no projectile in the pistols but only gunpowder and he fired his rifle safely towards the water.

Eyewitnesses said Spering fired two shots in the direction of water and one at cars crossing the bridge.

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