A Picture of Florida Man June 3

Florida Man June 3

One Florida man entered the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and stated, “I have problems.” Management of anger is another matter.

Taylor Allen Stevens (23 years old) was arrested after throwing a cheeseburger at a pregnant relative and then knocking her down during an altercation that took place on May 23. After the incident, he fled from the scene but was eventually caught up to the consequences of his crime.

Stevens was taken to police and charged with aggravated beating a woman.

This isn’t the first instance of a Florida man attacking a woman with cheeseburgers. A man was arrested in 2008 for pushing a cheeseburger into the face of his girlfriend. Another Florida man was also charged with a misdemeanor throwing a cheeseburger into a car at McDonald’s. Police discovered a 6″x6″ ketchup spot and bits of a cheeseburger on a victim’s car. This can be traced back to the suspect.

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