A Picture of Florida Man June 27

Florida Man June 27

(RNN – Cape Coral officers witnessed a naked man dancing around a campfire while standing in flames and singing “gibberish”

It took place on Pine Island Lane on June 22nd. Officers received a report from the police that a man tried to set fire to the car with a knife.

According to police reports, John Hennessy, 27, also threw another stone through the window of his house.

After singing and dancing, officers stated that Hennessy took a wooden stick from them and began to swing it. They then pulled out a stun gun to take him into custody.

Hennessy sang in “unknown languages” despite being handcuffed.

He shouted nonsense and he shouted all the time. “It was in a different tongue and I didn’t know what it was about, Heather Hennessy, the suspect’s sister, said to WFTS.

Police suspect John Hennessy might have ingested psychedelic mushrooms. Heather Hennessy claimed that she was burned while standing by the fire.

He was treated at the local hospital and later transferred to Li County Jail where he was charged for aggravated assault, criminal Hooliganism, and four counts each of assaulting law enforcement officers.

According to his mother, his behavior has become more unpredictable since he left rehab. His family, the Hennessys, wants to raise awareness about mental illness.

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