A Picture of Florida Man June 19

Florida Man June 19

Police said that a 72-year old man from Florida was captured on video chasing his neighbor with a tractor in a dispute over property.

News4JAX was informed by the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office that Howell Lamar Morris, of St. Augustine, was charged with an aggravated attack with deadly weapons with intent to kill on June 19. On Tuesday, a video was released of the bizarre incident.

At around 20:00, the authorities received the alarm. The police arrived on the scene at around 20:00. Scott Lynch, 53, told them that he was fighting with Morris, his neighbor over the property. When Morris, 72, climbed onto a tractor, Lynch chased him shouting “Run fat ass!”

News4JAX reports that Morris was arrested after Lynch’s wife filmed the video.

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