A Picture of Florida Man June 15

Florida Man June 15

BIG COPITT CAY in Florida After being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, a Florida man was allegedly found intoxicated and taken to jail.

According to WPLG-10, Daryl Royal Riedel (48), led the chase that ended on June 14 with him getting out his beer pick and swallowing it in front of his deputy.

Chef Lopez chased Riedel and used his car’s speakerphone to command him to stop. Lopez said that Riedel waved his open hand at Lopez to stop him.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Riedel said that he fled fear from the MP.

Thursday night Riedel was held without bail. Riedel is currently being held without bail on three felony DUI charges, fleeing and eluding officers, and driving with a suspended license. He also faces two misdemeanors of reckless driving and refusing a DUI test.

Riedel was convicted of three charges of violating the slave crime statute between 2003 and 2010. The fourth conviction came in 2017.

According to the latest court records, he did not have a lawyer.

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