A Picture of Florida Man June 11

Florida Man June 11

The man killed four children and then shot himself late Monday night in Orlando, Florida. This ended a 21-hour standoff that started after he shot and killed a cop responding to a call about domestic abuse.

Gary Lindsay Jr., 35, was found dead in his closet at 9:00 PM. After the authorities entered the apartment, they found him squatting alongside children 1, 6, 10, and 11.

At a press conference on Monday night, Orlando Police Chief John Mina stated that two of the children belonged to Mr. Lindsay while the other two were his. He did not specify who but said that the chief was certain that the children belonged both to him and to another person. Although he said that it was not clear when the children died, he added that the police attempted to give Mr. Lindsey a phone so they could communicate better with him that they discovered that at least one of the children had been killed.

Chief Mina stated that “it was then that it was decided to start our plans to move into and try to rescue the rest of the kids,” adding that the episode had a “very tragic and sad ending.”

Chief Mina continued, “We care deeply for the four children’s families.”

The episode aired at 11:45 p.m. Sunday saw Orlando police respond to the call at a residence just two miles from Universal Studios Florida. Police say the woman called police officers from another location and said that her boyfriend, Mr. Lindsay had beat her up following an argument.

Officer Kevin Valencia was hit by the bullets as Chief Mean described him as “very serious and substantial injury”. At least one officer returned fire.

According to Chief Mina, Officer Valencia, who was in the department in 2016 and his 20s, was still in critical condition as of Tuesday morning.

After that, Mr. Lindsay barricaded his self in his apartment with his children.

The authorities called Mr. Lindsey 21 times over the next 21 hours to free the children. He was contacted by the negotiators at 20:30 on Monday, just before special forces entered the apartment.

Public records indicate that Lindsay was arrested multiple times over the past 15-years, and has criminal records in at most two Florida counties. He was convicted in 2007 of petty theft. In 2009, he didn’t refer to arson or an attempt to escape the police. He was again arrested in Orange County in 2012 on three charges, including probation violation, assault using deadly weapons, and aggravated assault in domestic violence cases.

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