A Picture of Florida Man July 8

Florida Man July 8

After fighting off an intruder, a Florida man named himself “The Beast” and took horrible action to stop him until the police arrived.

Richard Golden, a Jacksonville resident, was sitting at his home when the glass broke. He claims that a man with an assault rifle broke through the sliding glass door of his home and demanded money.

Golden claims he did not give up. He refused to give up.

Golden stated, “He hit me on my head with a gun and he came up just in the right time to distract him.” “And when he distracted me, I made my move, grabbed his gun, and locked it.”

Golden said to WJXT that Golden put Timothy Hinson (later identified as Timothy Hinson) in the castle. He then pressed his fingers into the eyes of the man as best he could.

Golden stated, “I dropped the clip due to military training. Then there was another one in mine cell.” It worked. It worked. I knew I wasn’t dead and I knew I hadn’t been shot. The military training took control, and I wanted out his eyes. ”

Golden refused to give up. He made sure Hinson couldn’t escape until police arrived.

He said, “I sat down on him and kept his eyes open until the cops arrived.” “I beat him and took his pistol.”

After the fight, Golden still had cuts to his hands. One of his dogs also died, but he managed to escape the fight.

WJXT asked him why he was attacked. He said that he hadn’t seen Hinson in all his life.

Hinson was treated and taken into custody

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