A Picture of Florida Man July 30

Florida Man July 30

St. Augustine: After pointing a gun at an unmarried woman, a Florida man was upset that she wouldn’t try his vape pen.

According to the arrest report, the crash took place at McDonald’s on Friday morning in St. Augustine. The woman is employed at McDonald’s. A stranger approached her while she was at work and asked her if she would like to use his vape. She declined the offer.

The stranger asked incredulously, “Are you, serious bro?” The next thing she knew, he would pull up his shirt and reveal a gun hidden in his belt. As she was telling the MPs, he pulled out his pistol and asked, “Now? What’s the latest? “Before you leave.

Two victims had a similar encounter, and the MPs spoke to them. After refusing to use the vape pen, the stranger appeared to have flashed his gun. The victim warned him to get rid of the weapon or he would use it against him.

The suspect was quickly located at a nearby establishment. According to the deputies, the suspect was recognized by the woman at the sight.

The suspect was identified by police as Kyle McGill Walker. He was charged with aggravated assault using deadly weapons without intent to kill and was held in St. John’s County Jail

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