A Picture of Florida Man July 28

Florida Man July 28

Pasco County (Gray News), Florida – Pasco County MPs switched on the flashing lights after they allegedly saw Gordon Ormond driving through a red light at dawn Friday morning.

They thought he would drag his white van to the side of a road but the 56-year old had other plans.

According to the Miami Herald’s arrest report, MPs stated that Ormond drove “in disorder” at times. He even broke other people’s basketball goals. Deputies stated that Ormond attempted to drive away from them after hitting the gate. He accelerated to 35 mph.

The authorities pulled out the spiked stripes, and the plan was canceled. They were able to inflate three of his tires, and they took him into custody.

MPs told Ormond, on the way to jail that Ormond had admitted to driving under suspended rights.

It was not the first. This was the 12th. Ormond was also charged for escaping, fleeing the scene, and refusing to submit to a breath test.

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