picture of Florida man July 27

Florida Man July 27

BRADENTON, Florida (WFTS / / CNN) — A Florida man was hurt while shifting pool furniture onto his terrace. It just took another, but he nearly perished. Charles Lee was transferring a deck seat when a gust of wind knocked him down to the pool. A seated leg hammering his throat.”I was amazed. This decision lifted me off my toes.

When I came up, my jaw hurt, and that I moved to touch my chin,” he explained. Doctors say Lee was fortunate: a visit to the emergency area and over a dozen stitches. Doctors were concerned about the disease because the base of the feces was rusty.

In reality, this is exactly what the ambulance doctors stated,” he explained. Lee wondered how such a peculiar episode had occurred.”If you look after, you may observe the sail impact and also the funnel effect that frequently happens in tight spaces like between buildings between canals, and I think that’s just what happened here,” he explained. I visited a physician five days following the crash. He will be OK, however, the pool seat will be at the bin.



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