A Picture of Florida Man July 23

Florida Man July 23

The world could use more acts of kindness.

Tony Carlson, Tallahassee officer of police, did not believe he was being taped one Sunday afternoon.

Carlson answered a call on Thomasville Road near Circle K and pulled into a parking lot of a gas station. Carlson saw a homeless man trying to shave his beard.

Phil, the officer who was named Phil, didn’t have a mirror and had razor issues. Carlson stopped by to help Phil. Carlson tightened the knob on the razor, and Phil shaved his thick beard. Phil applied for a job at a nearby McDonald’s. The officer asked him if he needed to shave cleanly in order to apply for a job.

Carlson stated, “If he is willing to help himself then I must be more than helpful and try my best to help him as much as I can.”

The video was filmed at a gas station by a resident and posted to Facebook on Monday afternoon. It had over 113,000 views and 2,000 Facebook shares.

Carlson stated, “Hope this will give Phil an opportunity to get a job.”

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, a McDonald’s representative told Monday afternoon the Tallahassee Democrat that a McDonald’s representative had told him until his biography was confirmed and he provided ID

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