A Picture of Florida Man July 20

Florida Man July 20

July 20, 2008 (UPI). A candidate for St. Petersburg mayor, Florida, attacked black reparations activists and told them to “return Africa” during a City Hall debate.

Paul Congemi is running as an independent candidate. He sent his rant at Jesse Nevel (mayoral candidate) who chairs the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. This group is made up of white allies from the African People’s Socialist Party and is looking to “in a White Community to make amends.” Nevel, you and you people are talking about reparations. Concerning the reparations that you are referring to, Mr. Nevel said, “Your people have already received your reparations. “Your reparations were made possible by a man called Barack Obama.”

Congemi said, despite the cries of Nevel’s supporters, “My advice is to you, my advice, you should not like America. There are planes that leave every hour from Tampa airport. Return to Africa. Return! Congemi, 60 years old, added his thoughts in an email to The Tampa Bay Times.

Konami wrote, “Yes, I told them to go back home to Africa.” “My comment was made for Mr. Nevel’s group. All African Americans are not equal. Only Nevel is “.

Nevel, 27, stated that Congemi’s comments reflect a wider issue of fighting for justice for the African community in the country. This he claimed is the “defining question that all candidates must address.” “. “I came to this race nearly four months ago on the platform ‘unity through remedy’. We created a strong broad movement in St. Petersburg that represents thousands of people who want unity in our racially divided city. He said that justice begins with reparteeing the black community.

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