A Picture of Florida Man July 2

Florida Man July 2

We’re always here to check out the weirdest things that are happening in Florida. This week: Indians. A homeless woman wanted to teach her skills to children and a bizarre Bigfoot theory.

Keys man is arrested for pirates One man earns his living as a professional truck driver and pirate entertainer. Piracy is an illegal activity so it is understandable that Spering, the pirate entertainer, is not on the right side of the law.

Spering and two of his friends met at the Sunset Grille, Marathon on Monday afternoon to enjoy the sunset. Spering donned the full pirate gear and carried two muskets and a dagger, knife, and a sword. To have some fun, the trio decided to visit the Seven Mile Bridge.

Spering fired one shot with his musket into the water and then turned to fire another at the car. Although it was not real ammunition, suffice to say that Spering, a man dressed up as a pirate, shot a gun towards the side of traffic, causing many drivers to shake logs. One even recorded a video with a mobile phone, which was then handed to the police.

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