A Picture of Florida Man July 18

Florida Man July 18

July 18, 2012: Two teens were hurt by a man in central Florida, 71. He refused to let them go when they tried to rob an Internet café.

Samuel Williams was sitting in the Palms Internet Cafe, Ocala, Florida, Friday night, when two men later identified as Davis G. Dawkins (19 years old) and Dwayne Henderson (19 years old), stormed the cafe, allegedly with a pistol, and a bat.

One of the teens reportedly shouted, “Don’t move [cursing]” to the patrons at the cafe.

The police released surveillance footage showing Williams sitting at a cafe computer, then standing up to pull out a.380 pistols after two men stormed the cafe. He then swings the bat at something else.

Williams can be seen shooting two shots at Henderson as he runs for the front door. As the two young men flee, the 71-year old man fires at them both.

Ocala.com reports that Henderson and Dawkins were both arrested within hours. They were both charged with attempted armed burglary with firearms and a crime.

Officials stated that Williams was unlikely to be charged with assaulting teenagers, as the shooting seemed reasonable.

Ocala.com’s Bill Gladson, the state attorney’s bureau said that based on what he’s seen and what he knows so far, he’s not going to press charges.

According to the sheriff, Williams is allowed to conceal weapons for his pistol.

Gladson said that he had reviewed the security footage and added that he still awaits a final report from Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

After posting an $ 11,000 bond, Dawkins was released on Sunday. After failing to post a $ 311,000 bond, Henderson was still in Marion County Jail.

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