A Picture of Florida Man July 17

Florida Man July 17

PALM BEACH GARDENS (Florida) – Alan Abrahamson, 71, started taking morning walks after a recent cruise. He explained that he hopes to lose weight.

He left his Palm Beach Gardens home, worth $900,000, on January 25th for a walk. At 5:53 AM, a camera captured him in his country club. The sound of a shot was heard as the camera recorded him at 6:30. Abrahamson was already dead.

Although it was supposed to have been a murder, there were no signs that there had been a struggle or weapons. The Palm Beach Post reported that only one clue was found at the scene. It was a thin streak of blood running from his heart to his shoulder.

However, when police searched Abrahamson’s email they found something more. He bought two weather balloons despite the fact that none of the people interviewed believed he was interested in weather balloons or aerial photography.

More secrets were revealed by his internet history: he sent four emails to the sales clerk asking for information about takeoff altitude. His Google Maps story indicated that he visited an industrial shop on 23 January. Police learned that he had purchased a 40-foot helium tank. Internet searches for suicide date back to 2009.

According to the Washington Post, one of the February 2017 search queries was “Can you kill yourself with a gunshot injury without using a weapon?”

The police called it “contrived”, but plausible. Abrahamson attached a gun to a balloon, ran a rope from the trigger to his finger, and shot himself. The balloon then carried the weapon and rope away by drawing a line through his sweatshirt.

They used a simulator to determine that the balloon could transport a cannon into the Atlantic from the Bahamas. They closed the case in March and declared it a suicide.

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