A Picture of Florida Man July 16

Florida Man July 16

MIAMI. After an altercation over the behavior of a dog in his yard, a South Florida man was arrested for first-degree murder.

Omar Rodriguez was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury after Miami-Dade police claimed that he had shot Jose Rey twice because Rodriguez allowed his dog to urinate on Rodriguez’s lawn. Rey succumbed to his injuries in late November.

Alan Ross, Rodriguez’s lawyer says Ray began an argument and then followed Rodriguez with a knife.

According to The Miami Herald (http://tinyurl.com/o2d3pq4), the shooting was the result of years of harassment and threats against different residents. Rodriguez was arrested multiple times but did not serve a sentence in prison.

Rodriguez has been the subject of 140 complaints from neighbors since 2008. Rodriguez also filed many handwritten lawsuits against police and neighbors.

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