A Picture of Florida Man July 14

Florida Man July 14

He was determined to stay in the house and not leave. It took us three weeks to get him outside. Van Buren stated that he was always on the toilet or the couch.

The 13-foot reptile is now too large to be left alone in his Coconut Grove backyard. Wildlife officials and Florida fisheries officials intervened to rescue the animal. An allegation was made against the alligator by authorities who launched an investigation.

Lorenzo Velos, FWC said that Gwendoline the alligator isn’t in its proper cage.

Van Buuren gives alligators chocolate chip cookies and pizza – Chips Ahoy is his favorite – and says that he will do everything he can to keep them down.

The FWC has not yet made a decision on the time it will take to make that decision or where Gwendoline will be taken if they do take him home.

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