A Picture of Florida Man July 11

Florida Man July 11

(Reuters) – Police in Miami Beach arrested a 46-year-old homeless man for kicking another man using scissors.

According to Miami Beach police reports, Jonathan Crenshaw, a Florida-born man who sex with a Chicago 22-year old man twice before fleeing, Crenshaw was arrested Tuesday morning.

Local media reports claim that Crenshaw was an artist from the area who paints colorful artwork with his feet. He was later taken into custody near the site of the attack, in a tourist and shopping area near South Beach, and charged with one count each of aggravated battery and felony.

Crenshaw, who claimed he was acting in self-defense, is currently being held at the Turner Guildford Knight Correctional Center, Miami. Devon Frampton was Crenshaw’s court-appointed attorney. He could not be reached immediately for comment.

According to police, Cesar Coronado was taken to hospital with bleeding from the left arm. According to police, Coronado and his girlfriend were present when he asked Crenshaw for directions. He was then attacked.

Crenshaw claimed he was lying when Coronado approached him and hit him, according to police.

According to police, there were no signs that Crenshaw was impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time.

According to Miami Beach Police Department Crenshaw has a long criminal history, including beating officers of law enforcement.

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