A Picture of Florida Man January 9

Florida Man January 9

A Clearwater, Florida resident stumbled on a daring strategy after MPs found syringes in his anus when he had been incarcerated in Pinellas County Jail.

He told the deputies that they weren’t his. After the deputies took Scott to prison, they ran a strip search.

After the MPs initially detained Scott, he warned that the Clearwater guy could face additional charges when they discovered some smuggling or drug provides on him after being apprehended. Scott confessed that the officers, stating he understood exactly what was going to occur based on the arrest record.

That isn’t Scott’s first battle with the authorities. The detain history of this 40-year-old man incorporates a number of rates of medication and battery usage.

Besides the preceding merit, Scott was charged with distributing contraband from the county detention center.

He’s now being held in prison rather than a $ 5,000 bond.



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