A Picture of Florida Man January 6

Florida Man January 6

The Florida resident didn’t need to provide his dad”pizza” his heart.

Robert Houston was detained Thursday after he assaulted his father with pizza once he discovered that his older man helped him to give birth, WFLA reported. Police arrived at a home in Holiday, Florida, also discovered a slice of pie onto a seat with tomato and cheese sauce sprinkled within the home.

Houston’s dad told MPs he had been returning home from a walk when his son chose a pizza out of a delivery guy and started pushing a horn in his head, holding him down and crying at him. The victim started to rush around, attempting to eliminate the accused, and the accused went into the road and waited for law enforcement agencies,” the arrest report states.

Houston later told authorities he”threw a pizza at his dad’s face, hitting him because he was mad that his dad helped him to give birth,” WTSP reports.

It’s unclear why this advice motivated him to strike his dad.

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