A Picture of Florida Man January 5

Florida Man January 5

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office advised the WFLA that Robert Houston was so angry when he discovered his father had helped him to have a baby he pushed pizza in his head.

Researchers don’t understand why the information made the 33-year-old suspect. He stated he held his father in the seat and cried.”The victim started to rush around, attempting to eliminate the accused, and the accused moved out to the road and waited patiently for law enforcement agencies,” MPs told local press.

After the law enforcement bureaus came, the defendant approached the deputy, turned around, clasped his hands behind his back, and advised him that he understood he could be sent to jail. Investigators found a piece of pizza around the seat. Everything was coated in sausage and cheese.

The dad told the deputies he went for a walk with the dogs, and Houston stood on the porch, awaiting the delivery of pizza. When dad returned chaos started.

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