A Picture of Florida Man January 3

Florida Man January 3

Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, spent New Year’s Day in prison on charges of 2 instances of easy beating and beating after a prison event. Police say the video reveals Taylor yanking McDonald’s worker Yasmine James round the offset from the top.

Brenda Biandudi listed the movie and watched the struggle quickly escalate.”Even if she is in the office, you know whether there’s a limitation to just how much these workers can shoot,” Biandudi explained.

Brother Biandudi submitted the movie on his Facebook account. It began when Taylor walked into the condiment bar to get a straw,  “she explained. He cried and walked into the counter, and the woman behind the counter told him that today it’s the law which we aren’t permitted to maintain a straw in the lobby,” Biandudi explained.

This legislation actually exists. Since January 1, town officials have advised restaurants they cannot depart plastic straws on the counter and by 2020 they’ll no longer be permitted to hand them out.

Biandudi states Taylor refused to take this response “She needed to do it… She is a small woman, also, you know, I simply believed she did the ideal thing,” Biandudi explained. Police say Taylor kicked a different officer in the stomach because he was departing. McDonald’s failed to allow workers to talk to local websites but delivered a statement that stated, “The security and well-being of our workers and clients is our top priority. Biandudi is happy her movie helped authorities catch Taylor.

According to local media accounts, James remains in McDonald’s.

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