A Picture of Florida Man January 29

Florida Man January 29

An employee at the restaurant told police that the defendant held his right hand at her”at a position, to her, then resembled a gun, with his hands in a fist, his thumb pointed upwards along with his index and second finger pointed out.

” Police state Steven Michael Berlin went into the Szechuan Palace restaurant situated in Gainesville. He sat at the restaurant for approximately half an hour and then walked to the counter.

The restaurant employee told the Berlin authorities he then raised his right hand towards her”at a pose that she believed wore a pistol, hand in hand. Fist, thumb pointing upward, second and index fingers pointing directly.”The victim thought that Berlin could have a true weapon and feared for her life. The defendant then left the shop.

The victim later told the authorities that she had been scared to pick up the telephone after the defendant abandoned it, “because she believed that the accused could return and shoot.

“The authorities found Berlin only 3 blocks from the restaurant. When an officer approached himBerlin” spontaneously confessed to the prosecution, almost immediately after touch ” Officials say that they also returned 577 from his ownership.

Berlin, 56, is currently facing charges of robbery with lethal weapons since he”intentionally made the sufferer fear serious harm or even death.”

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