A Picture of Florida Man January 28

Florida Man January 28

They were really laxatives. Peter Emery, 56, was videotaped taking pills out of a secure, based on an affidavit in the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

He told police he took two tablets, believing that it had been hydrocodone-acetaminophen, a medication containing an opioid.

When he discovered it had been”something else,” he threw off the pills, the report stated. The tablets were Equate Gentle Laxatives, over-the-counter medications which could help relieve constipation, according to a product list on Walmart’s site.

Emery’s neighbor shifted pills after he guessed Emery was stealing his pain, WFLA-TV at Tampa reported. Roommate Jaime Reem additionally set up a camera to document the episode, the channel said. The affidavit says that Emery has been convicted of theft on many occasions.

Online records demonstrate that Emery was prosecuted for a felony, such as several petty thefts on Thursday.

In his affidavit to the authorities, his entire name is recorded as Peter Hans Emery Jr.

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