A Picture of Florida Man January 25

Florida Man January 25

Authorities said the man was detained for aiming lasers at planes attempting to land in a Florida airport and clutching a pilot.

Charlie Chapman Jr. directed his laser pointer in the airplane four times and after in the sheriff’s helicopter as they attempted to land in Sarasota-Bradenton airport last week, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s records.1 pilot stated the laser struck him straight in the eyes and brought temporary blindness along with blurry vision.

Orlando Sentinel reported the video also reveals a guy throwing items in the sheriff’s helicopter because it attempts to property. After a few pilots reported that the episodes, an evaluation led MPs into Chapman.

They discovered that a 41-year-old guy on a forklift Wednesday night. According to the sheriff, he struck them with a hammer, prompting the deputies to make use of a stun gun.

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