A Picture of Florida Man January 22

Florida Man January 22

(Gray News) — A Florida man desired to show to his mom he might be independent.

If she would like to see him today, she might need to see him in the Sumter County Jail. The shop clerk refused to give cash out. Another customer fought for a little while until he escaped.

MPs in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office found he was going south on Interstate 75. He chased him to Sumter County, where local MPs handicapped his vehicle.MPs stated that after they shot him into custody, Campbell asked for a lawyer.

“He then said he was only trying to work himself out and his purpose was to attempt to prove to his mom he was separated and could look after himself,” MPs stated in a post on the Marion County Sheriff’s Channel.

On a Facebook webpage, based on MPs, Campbell reported he attempted to match with a comparative and visit a strip club.

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