A Picture of Florida Man January 20

Florida Man January 20

Last week, a Florida man tried a”not-so-lucky escape” when he strove to conceal from MPs submerged in a pond — a”gunman” hint that officials readily ripped off once he took on the atmosphere, police said.

POLICE, POLICE States, ARRESTED IN FLORIDA”GUIDER RAPIST” WHO terrorized girls. After the lawmaker attempted to detain Bout in his job in the solar energy plant, the sheriff said, the 36-year-old guy hurried away and dived to a pond. “We could only presume that Mr.

Booth watched a lot of action movies and believed he could hide from your K9 teams, from Suwannee CI and Mayo CI, concealing submerged in a pond,” the message stated. According to the report, Booth chose an arrest if he reached the surface to find some air.

The sheriff’s office said Booth was shot”moist through” into the Suwanee County Jail, including some interesting hashtags, such as”#NotRambo”.He was confronted with extra fees for a badly planned escape effort.

Social networking users commented about the sheriff’s concept, a number of them pointing out a deadly flaw in Booth’s plan.”Great action films show you need to gouge a loaf to breathe,” wrote one user.

Still, another said, “Apparently he forgot to have a bamboo take to breathe while he waited. He wants to see more cartoons

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