A Picture of Florida Man January 2

Florida Man January 2

Police say they arrested a Florida man who provoked a little alligator to sting his hands and poured beer into the creature’s mouth.

News outlets report that 27-year-old Timothy Kapke and 22-year-old Noah Osborne were charged last week with illegal use of their alligator.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials started an investigation in August after a complaint from Osborne who’d captured an alligator at Palm City and turned on to Cap.

A cap looks in the movie to permit the reptile to snack its own forearm. The video also reveals Kepke feeding the alligator a beer while he combats. After officers interviewed Kepke a month, he allegedly admitted to being at the movie and explained the alligator was living when they published it.

The men were released on bail. The prison records didn’t record their attorneys.

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