A Picture of Florida Man January 11

Florida Man January 11

A Florida man was arrested Thursday night after over 40 grams of cocaine were found on him during a traffic stop near the Florida Keys, but before he made a decision to consume a part of the brand’s patrol car chair.

He was likewise charged with damaging land for chewing gum on and or ingesting a sheriff’s patrol car chair after being taken into custody in Mile 59. Stubbs was halted by the police for driving very dark, prohibited tinted windows. It was then disclosed he had an arrest warrant for violating probation linked to the selling of cocaine. Stubbs attempted to escape but was captured and murdered by one of those officers.

Police say they discovered four bags of cocaine, totaling 41.1 g, in his coat pocket. After Stubbs sat in the rear seat of a police car, Stubbs piece off or ate a huge part of the chair, leading to at least 1,000 bucks. In damage, according to authorities. Officers said he had been so competitive that they needed to control his thighs and take him into the fishermen’s hospital at Marathon.

He had been cleared for medical reasons and subsequently sent to prison.

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