A picture of Florida Man January 10

Florida Man January 10

BROOKSVILLE, Florida — Police say a man was injured in the mind by rotor blades and murdered while working on a helicopter in a Florida airport.

The WFTS reports the incident happened near hangars from the Brooksville-Tampa Bay region.

Where the officers immediately learned concerning the passing. In a media release in the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, 62-year-old Salvatore Disi expired on Thursday afternoon near hangars in Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport.

The 2 guys were using the cart to start the helicopter for some unknown reason, the helicopter suddenly jerked and subsequently crashed, officials explained. The sheriff said in a statement that as a consequence of the motion of the rotor blades, Deasy was struck in the head, killing him immediately.

Nienhuis said in a media conference that there wasn’t any indication of play.



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