A Picture of Florida Man January1

Florida Man January 1

It started on December 27, when a girl called MPs and educated Watts about her methamphetamine usage.

When the deputies arrived, another neighbor phoned them and stated there was a guy with a flashlight on his lawn. The researchers saw that the light and approached the defendant. Coming nearer, they noticed strange noises coming out of a shallow flow.

The arrest report said that Watts laughed and left bird noises as he paced up and down. The MPs said that along with this sand smeared on his own body, Watts was totally nude.MPs stated that until they can take him into custody, he escaped and hid under the staircase of a local mobile home. When he came from the underground, the deputy attempted to arrest him. Authorities stated Watts struck the deputy. Did not get the job done.Nothing yet.

When the defendant fled, the police made a decision to await reinforcements. They have been joined by six deputies and their K-9, Casper. The team was able to catch up with the defendant in the forests, where he allegedly got on all fours and growled like a puppy. Accordingly, they sent their puppy to pacify him.

However, the MPs stated Watts assaulted the dog and piece it behind the ear. Watts supposedly knocked Casper down using a chokehold. Nevertheless, he couldn’t hold on to it indefinitely. Following his release, MPs stated Casper little Watts on the mind, eventually giving MPs an opportunity to take control. When they shot him from the forests, Watts spat on among those deputies, according to the arrest record.

An area hospital treated the guy to get a dog snack before police locked him at the county prison.

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