A Picture of Florida Man February 9

Florida Man February 9

Tampa, Florida – In a viral maternity photo that went online, a Florida man and woman bottle-fed an alligator. Lindsay Tuttle of Tampa, Florida is seen holding a young alligator, while Jonathan Tuttle, her husband, attempts to bottle-feed a Florida reptile.

The photo was taken Florida Man-style, with the Florida flag placed next to 18 Bud Light bottles. A shotgun appears to point towards the future couple. Minute practice for the child,” Lindsay wrote in the caption of the photo on her Facebook Page. “Alligators don’t like bottle feeding… Didn’t try to breastfeed.”

Alligators are reptiles and not mammals. They do not drink milk or breastfeed at any point in their lives. After a viral alligator pregnancy photo, a Florida woman posted the following.

Lindsay wrote that her husband is the most loving and pure person I know …”

“Although he doesn’t love attention, I love it. But he loves me enough that he will go along with the stupid shit that draws attention and supports me in all I do. He is a true treasure, and I am so fortunate to have him. ”

The alligator may not be used to the bottle but they are opportunistic predators that have a fast appetite for fish, birds, and reptiles as well as amphibians, mammals, and fruits.

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