A Picture of Florida Man February 8

Florida Man February 8

Altoona (WTFF – A Florida man was charged with a felonious offense after biting a police officer as revenge.

Lake County MPs were seen outside a Mobil station near the intersection of SR19 & CR42 Wednesday afternoon around 5:00.

Their sworn statements of the arrest show that they answered several calls regarding a man dancing in an intersection and dancing fickle.

Ernie Wayne Wilburn (40), a Eustis native, was sitting at a picnic bench when the officers arrived.

The cops asked him if he was doing okay.

He replied, “Fuck you. I’m fine.”

The man from Florida “couldn’t sit still on the bench, moved his lips and gestured with both his hands and fired a gun.”

The deputy wanted to know if Wilburn was still with them from the previous time they were called on similar incidents.

According to the report, he said, “Yes, you sent us to the hospital. You got everything.”

EMS started to approach.

Wilburn stood up and clenched his fists.

He was asked to get up again.

He said to the cop, “Fuck you!”

This was “followed immediately by an incomprehensible murmur.”

The deputy grabbed him by his biceps and asked him to sit.

Wilburn then grabbed the skin of the sheriff.

The officer pulled back but the Florida man held on tight and wouldn’t let go.

Wilburn was not affected by the knee blow to the stomach, but two head blows did.

The officer reports:

“Once I was on the ground, the defendant looked up at me and shouted: “I told you, you’ll get yours because I am HIV positive.

Wilburn was charged with attempted murder and violent resistance to a law enforcement officer.

While being supervised by an ambulance, he repeated the same HIV statement from a stretcher.

Both the officer and the person arrested were treated at Waterman Hospital.

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