A Picture of Florida Man February 6

Florida Man February 6

ESCAMBIA DISTRICT (Florida) (Gray News). After hearing loud noises and the car speeding up, a North Florida resident decided to go outside.

He was shocked to see a small boy run away from his truck. According to the Escambia Sheriff, the boy’s dad, Joseph Lamar Riley (45 years old), was driving.

According to WEAR, the boy fled in fear to seek help at a neighbor’s home.

He claimed that his father had asked him to take several baths. His father threatened to spank the boy with a belt if he didn’t obey.

The boy fled the house in an attempt to avoid being punished. Deputies stated that the father made matters worse by getting into his truck and running after the boy.

According to investigators, Riley had been drinking on that day. It was hard for Riley to stand by himself when they spoke to him.

Authorities said that he wouldn’t cooperate with them and attacked the MPs.

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