picture of man announced as Florida man February 5

Florida Man February 5

Florida Man February 5 is Joshua McGrady along with his friend named Nicholas Mentzer. These two men ages 21 and 18 respectively were arrested by Orange District, Florida police. The police arrested these two Florida men after an employee of a gym, called Crunch Fitness reported them. According to the employee these two men were smearing feces in the men’s room.

The Crunch Fitness employee also reported another incident in the recent days. It was reported that some unknown men have spread feces in the bathroom. This was the second incident after the first report.

Florida police caught two men who were spreading feces on the floor. A police officer saw the incident when he noticed a man pacing something to his friend under the doors of the bathroom.

What was Florida Man February 5?

Florida Man February 5 did something gross. This is something only Florida man could do for sure. On this day, they did spread feces on the floor of a gym. We know this is not something anyone else could do. No one knows the reason why they did this or what they were trying to achieve.

Even when they were got arrested no one heard why actually they were doing it. It was not a one time random incident. These kind of incidents were reported multiple time from Crunch Fitness.

Both of these lads were charged with criminal mischief and they were released after a few days. Crunch Fitness accessed both men for doing a total damage of $601 to the gym in shape of cleansing and repair.

If you don’t know Crunch Fitness is not just a local gym centre. It is a multi state franchise from New York and happened to be present in West Florida.


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