A Picture of Florida Man February 4

Florida Man February 4

PINELLAS PARK (Florida). Police say that a Pinellas Park man was angry at someone touching his cigar and attacked his sister, who was pregnant and bit the officer who was trying to arrest him.

According to the affidavit Brian Keith Harrington, 23, was angry that his sister’s boyfriend had run into him or smoked one of his cigars. According to police, he attacked the boy and then began to shove his sister and other relatives as they tried to calm him. He then went to the fridge and threw half a gallon worth of juice, ketchup, and other food containers at his sister. Police say the victim is currently in her sixth week of pregnancy.

Police said Harrington was being held by relatives while he attempted to knock the refrigerator over on top.

Harrington bit the officer’s left thumb when the police arrived and threatened to kill him if he was released from jail, according to the affidavit.

The boyfriend of the sister declined to press charges.

Harrington was arrested and charged with three counts each of domestic assault, beating an officer of the law enforcement, threatening bodily injury to an officer of the law enforcement, and resisting an officer of the law enforcement.

He is still in prison on $ 10.150 bail.

Prison records show that Harrington was arrested six times previously on charges including grand theft, burglary, and possession of marijuana. He was sentenced twice, according to records.

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