A Picture of Florida Man February 3

Florida Man February 3

DEBARY (Florida). Volusia County man was charged with killing five small alligators at a Super Bowl party.

Richard Nixie (30), of Danbury, was taken into custody Sunday afternoon for possessing and abducting alligators with no proper tag.

Officials from Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say Nixie admitted to catching alligators shorter than 5 feet and cutting their tails for Super Bowl dinner.

Nixie was mentioned by a neighbor who called Volusia County Sheriff’s Office & FWC. He claimed that he saw Nixie on his porch, skinning alligators.

A neighbor claimed that officials had removed a black plastic bathtub from the back of their house.

Local 6 News was informed by a neighbor that Nixie might have taken the alligators from Lake Monroe which is only a few miles away from his house.

After posting $ 500 bail, Nixie was released from Volusia County Jail.

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