A Picture of Florida Man February 29

Florida Man February 29

NEW SMYRNA BEACH (FL) – Police say a Florida man set fire at his hospital bed to try to get attention from nurses because he felt that they were neglecting him.

John David King, 75 years old, admitted that he used a lighter to light a plastic bag at New Smyrna Beach Hospital on Saturday. News agencies reported.

Although he had no intent to harm anyone, police say he was upset that nurses didn’t respond to his request for clothes. King was admitted to the hospital for respiratory failure.

Samuel Moreno, King’s neighbor, advised him to put out his fire. But King lit the fire again, and it erupted. Moreno pressed emergency and the nurse came to the rescue.

King fled the room, heading for the elevators before King was taken into custody and placed in Volusia County Jail with $ 15,000 bail.

WKMG-TV was told by a hospital administrator that the bed was beyond repair and would be replaced at a cost of $ 4,000.

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