A Picture of Florida Man February 22

Florida Man February 22

JACKSONVILLE (Florida). According to the man, his dog had attacked his girlfriend as she was asleep.

WFOX reports that Brian Murphy, 25, claimed Diesel had killed him.

The girlfriend of the victim told the police she was asleep at the time and doesn’t know how it happened.

Although it may sound like Murphy was describing an extreme case of my dog eating my homework (or something similar), Murphy stated that this is exactly what occurred.

Police were told by the man that Diesel was brought back to his bedroom from a night out when he heard a popping sound and saw a flash.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was informed by him that Diesel had jumped on the nightstand, where his pistol was stored, and fired his gun, killing his girlfriend.

This statement was made by Neighbor Dianne Fay who thought it was a hoax.

She said, “A dog cannot shoot a gun…it’s crazy.” Have you ever seen the dog fire the gun? Perhaps in a cartoon. ”

A friend was transported to the hospital with injuries not life-threatening.

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