A Picture of Florida Man February 21

Florida Man February 21

According to the East St. Louis Police Department, Dave Toliver (36), is accused of carrying an old toilet into a building and then throwing it through its front glass. Officers responding to the scene were informed that Toliver had thrown the toilet and escaped.

Toliver was discovered at the corner of 11th Street and Cleveland was sitting in an old toilet. Cleveland was also arrested. According to the Miami Herald, Toliver was charged by the St. Clair County Attorney’s Office with a felon in a case involving property damage two days later.

The 36-year old was arrested Tuesday at St. Clair County Jail under $ 10,000 bail. Toliver is scheduled to appear in court Friday for a preliminary hearing, and again on February 26th for a bond review. According to court records, Toliver was also charged with resisting arrest in the February 5 incident.

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